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Because every dog deserves a do over!

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Welcome to Do Over Dog Training.  Do you want to have fun with your dog while learning something, too?  You've come to the right place!

Our specialty classes and private lessons are designed to help you and your dog make the most out of your relationship by using modern rewards-based methods.

Not sure which class is best for you?  
Contact us by email or call Lori at (716) 947-9052.  You can also submit a question on our Contact Us page.

My favorite sport right now to participate in is Nose Work.  On the "Classes" page you can see why some of my students enjoy this sport.  

    My dogs have benefited from for Nose Work for different reasons.  With Daisy, it has built her confidence and given her an outlet to use that nose of hers.  For Xander, it was a lifesaver.  He started when he was ten years old.  He was still a bit reactive and was diagnosed with cancer shortly after we started.  He didn’t slow down and was eager to get out and do things with me.  Nose Work fit the bill perfectly.  Xander is no longer with me, but here is his Mock Odor Recognition Test video:
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