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Class Policies & Procedures


  • All communication should be sent via email to  Emails will be responded to within 24-48 hours.
  • Please refrain from texting or messaging instructors directly; those messages may not receive a response.
  • Students are encouraged to join our class Facebook groups for information regarding classes and events. 


  • Payments for classes and events are due upon registration.  Payment sent through our registration software is preferred.  A PayPal account is not required.  Class payments should not be sent directly through personal PayPal accounts as this complicates bookkeeping.
  • If students wish to pay by check, that should be mailed to:  Do Over Dog Training, 3 Windcrest Drive, Cheektowaga, NY 14225.
  • If a student wishes to make a cash payment, be advised that any payments hand delivered to instructors are made at the student’s risk.  If you wish to proceed with this payment method, submit the cash in an envelope labeled with the student’s name and the corresponding class/event.  If the payment becomes lost or misplaced, it is the student’s responsibility to prove payment.

Safety/Common Courtesy Considerations

  • Students are not to enter the building when a class is in session.  Please wait in your vehicles until you are waved in by your instructor.  It is very distracting to the last dog(s) searching in a session when doors are opening /closing and people/dogs are coming in and out of the building.  Students should not be entering the building prior to 5 minutes before their scheduled class time.
  • There should always be a minimum of 6 feet between dogs before/during/after classes.  Please don’t let dogs greet, play or mingle before/during/after our classes. 
  • Dogs must be crated or wait in their vehicles while waiting for their turn to search in all Nose Work classes.  No exceptions.

*If class is taking place outdoors, the same policy applies.  Dogs must wait in vehicles or may be crated outside of their vehicles while waiting their turn.​

Class Cancellations Due to Weather

  • When it becomes necessary to evaluate whether or not to cancel class on poor weather days, we look at several factors.  If roads are unsafe to travel, we do not want to put anyone in an unsafe situation.  We understand that some of our students travel quite a distance for classes.  If class is not cancelled but you do not feel comfortable driving, let your instructor know and you may be able to make up that class.
  • Outdoor classes will take place rain or shine, but will be canceled if severe weather is predicted.

Make-Up Classes

If you cannot make a class during your session, please see policy below regarding make-up classes:

  • Notify us at to let us know you cannot make a class
  • We will send you a link to a handout that explains a training lesson.  All virtual lessons can be modified for novice to advanced teams
  • If student wishes, they can send a video of the team practicing the lesson.  The video can be sent as a link to or uploaded to the DODT Super Sniffers student Facebook group

If a student knows ahead of time that they will miss 2 classes or more in a session, they can contact us in advance at and we can make accommodations.  If something happens mid-session where either the human or dog cannot finish the session and has a note form a doctor or veterinarian, other arrangements will also be made.

Classes That Take Place in Public Locations

  • All students will show respect to anyone they come into contact with during a class that takes place at a public location (for example, a park)
  • Dogs should remain in vehicles while awaiting their turn to search.
  • If a member of the public wishes to park his/her vehicle in or walk through an area we are using, we will make way for that person(s).
  • Dogs should not be interacting with members of the public during class.
  • Students must pick up after their dogs and dispose of waste properly during all classes.
  • If a student’s dog is deemed inappropriate for class at a public location, the student and dog will be asked to leave.

COVID Class Procedures

  • Students should not attend class if they have COVID-19 symptoms or have been in contact with someone with symptoms or anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19.  Students should follow all CDC and local government guidelines.
  • Do Over Dog Training will follow NYS Mask policy:

Dog Health & Vaccination Policy

  • Dogs that are not feeling well, are not current on vaccinations or are aggressive towards humans should not attend group classes.  Vaccine requirements:  Rabies and Distemper/Parvo (titers accepted).  Bordetella (kennel cough) is recommended but not required.  Proof of current vaccine records should be sent to for verification.
  • Dog-reactive dogs are welcome in most of our classes as long as they can safely pass by another dog.  Handlers must be able to manage their reactive dogs during class or private lessons will be required.
  • Dogs should not be disruptive during classes.  This includes excessive barking and vocalizing.  If the instructor deems any dog not appropriate for class, the remainder of the session will be made up in a private lesson.  (each 1 hour group class = 15 minute private session.)
  • Dogs should be parasite free and groomed when attending class.  If dogs leave behind excessive amounts of fur or treat crumbs, handlers must clean crates before leaving class.

Potty Policy

  • Handlers are encouraged to take their dog out often during class.
  • Handlers must pick up after their dogs.
  • All pet waste must be deposited in dumpsters outdoors.  NO WASTE SHOULD BE DEPOSITED IN INDOOR GARBAGE!
  • Dogs must be taken outside immediately if they eliminate in class.
  • Any dog that eliminates in class 3 times within 30 days will be required to wear a belly band/diaper in order to return class.


  • While we support the right of handlers to make personal choices with regards to the equipment they choose to train their dogs, Do Over Dog Training must align with our professional training certifications pertaining to the inappropriateness of choke, prong, and e-collars as training tools in our classes.
  • Our trainers hold certifications with the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT), K9 Nose Work® and International Dog Parkour Association.  Our independent contractors also hold certifications with several other organizations with similar standards and codes of conduct.  Inherent in these certifications is the agreement to abide by their standards of ethics and practice.  Also, we must ensure that our instruction meets standards and quality benchmarks set forth by these organizations.
  • Therefore, handlers are free to use any equipment they choose outside of our classes.  In Do Over Dog Training classes and events, our professional integrity and code of conduct require that students not use choke, prong or e-collars during class.  If any handler feels their dogs need these tools in order to participate, they should discuss private sessions with his/her instructor.


Do Over Dog Training is located in the Eastern Hills Mall.  Our entrance is at the back of the mall between the cinema and JC Penney’s.  Look for the white door with the Do Over Dog Training signage on it.

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